Ezy kanyimo

Senior Manager NHS England / Board Trustee for UK Charity

Ezra is driven to ensure that his day-to-day work contributes to delivering high-quality services for all and most importantly, what he would like his most loved ones to receive while accounting for equality and diversity enabling effective working in a complex environment, where everyone does not think or behave in the same way.

His role within NHS England national team, includes working with regional teams, local health systems and provider sector to ensure that we have strong and successful providers, working collaboratively within strong and successful systems, in the best interests of local patients, populations and staff. They provide hands-on support for systems and providers implementing complex changes, as well as developing the provider landscape and ensuring patients benefit from any changes. The team are responsible for the assurance of new, high-risk provider contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and the oversight of independent providers. In previous role he has supported the leadership teams within various organisations and ICB system to diagnose, understand, and accept the underlying root causes of quality, finance and performance issues; enabling the leadership to determine the most value adding activities to focus on to address these underlying root causes when many issues may be demanding their attention; and advising on effective implementation strategies and how to embed sustainable change.

Ezra is a Children's nurse by background and has worked in within various NHS and Social Care settings at regional and local level. Throughout his career, he has always wanted to improve the care provided to patients, and also develop systems that staff can effectively use with digital tools because of his interest in digital technology.

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