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Discover the transformative role of a BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) network and immerse yourself in the enriching experience of the Jabali Men’s Leadership Program. Connect with a dynamic group of leaders, hear inspirational stories, and engage in powerful discussions.

The Jabali Men’s Network is committed to empowering men to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal and professional lives. Join us for this exciting event, where you’ll expand your network, be inspired by remarkable stories, and contribute to building a more inclusive Health and Social Care workplace.

We joined together to forge a path towards a more equitable and inclusive future. Our voices and our leadership are the difference. Top 5 Reasons to Join the Jabali Men’s NetworkPeer Community:

  1. Peer Community: Connect with a unique community of senior male nurses from global majority backgrounds, fostering mutual support and a sense of belonging.
  2. Professional Growth: Access specialized leadership development resources, including workshops and mentoring, to advance your career in healthcare.
  3. Advocacy and Representation: Benefit from collective advocacy for diversity and equality in healthcare leadership, addressing the specific needs and challenges of our members.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network with access to collaborations, job opportunities, and knowledge sharing among healthcare leaders.
  5. Mentorship Role: Inspire and guide the next generation of nurses, contributing to the development of future healthcare leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Join us in shaping an inclusive and empowered future in healthcare leadership.

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Join now and embark on a transformative journey of growth and empowerment

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Testimonials - It Speaks For Itself

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"Joining the Jabali Men's Network was a turning point in my career. As a senior nurse from an Asian background, I often felt isolated in my leadership role. This network not only provided me with a sense of community but also offered invaluable resources for professional development. The mentorship program, in particular, helped me refine my leadership skills and gave me the confidence to implement innovative practices in my team. I'm deeply grateful for the doors this network has opened for me and for the ongoing support of its members."

Alwin Puthenpurakal

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing School of Health Sciences
Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences  
University of Greenwich

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"The Jabali Men's Network is more than just a professional group; it's a powerful force for change in the healthcare sector. As a Caribbean nurse leader, I've witnessed firsthand how this network champions diversity and fights against systemic racism within the NHS. The annual conference is a highlight, offering a platform for meaningful dialogue and actionable strategies to make healthcare more inclusive. I'm proud to be part of a network that not only talks about change but actively works towards it."

Will Smith

Programme Lead – Dignity at Work (Employee Safety and Inclusion)  
Visiting Fellow, The University of the West of England  
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

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"Being part of the Jabali Men's Network has been an inspiring experience. The sense of camaraderie and mutual support among members is unparalleled. As an African senior nurse, I've benefited immensely from the networking opportunities and the shared knowledge within this community. It's refreshing to connect with fellow professionals who understand the challenges and joys of our profession. This network is not just about career advancement; it's about building a supportive community that uplifts each member."

Chris Dzikiti

Director of Mental Health Regulatory Leadership
Care Quality Commission

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a man in a suit sitting in a chair
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a man sitting in a chair in a building
a man in a suit and tie standing on a balcony
a man in a suit sitting in a chair
a man in a suit and tie talking to someone

Learn how men can embrace inclusive leadership and foster a culture of diversity and equality. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and practical tools to become more inclusive leaders. Explore the significance of male allies in driving positive change and creating inclusive environments for everyone.

Embrace your Leadership style

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a movement that cultivatesinclusive leadership and paves the way for a brighter future.

Step up as an ally - Join us in empowering voices and forging a more INCLUSIVE FUTURE TOGETHER

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We are a network of Senior Male Nurses from African, Asian and Caribbean backgrounds. We support each other to develop and aim to inspire future generations

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We brought together an extraordinary group of senior executives, visionary thinkers, and influential change-makers. Our commitment? To challenge and dismantle institutional racism, starting from the top.Attendees were inspired by a roster of esteemed speakers: CEOs, Chief Nursing Officers, and other top-tier professionals from the NHS and beyond. They shared not just their insights, but practical, actionable strategies for real change.


Leadership Empowered, Change Enacted: Jabali Men’s Network’s 2nd Annual Conference

In an era where combating racism held unprecedented urgency, we at the Jabali Men’s Network were proud to announce our 2nd Annual Conference: “Anti-racism: Harnessing the Power of Senior Leadership.” Last year’s focus was not just on discussion, but on action – catalyzing systemic transformation, particularly within the NHS and related organizations.

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