Dr Edwin Chamanga QN FHEA

Deputy Director of Quality and Deputy Chief Nurse

Dr Edwin Chamanga is a Deputy Director of Quality and Deputy Chief Nurse, an aspiring executive nurse who leads and has strategic responsibility for:

·     Clinical effectiveness

·     Patient experience

·     Patient safety

·     Quality strategy

·     Regulatory compliance

·     Research

·     Riskmanagement

·     Safeguarding

·     Safer systems- Clinical Systems Officer

He supports the Director of Quality and Chief Nursing executive portfolio in delivering high and safe care whilst providing senior support and nursing leadership to clinical teams across all specialties, including allied health professionals (AHPs).

He is an agile and consistent leader, who favours transformational leadership, with the leader- leader approach, compared to leader - follower approach, which concentrates competence with the leader. “It doesn’t matter how smart my plan is if the team can’t execute it”. His natural curious approach makes him a good leader and learner, which enables him to understand his craft. He believes that ability to make decisions increases based on his access to technical knowledge to base those decisions, whilst appraising options. Above all, he isa great advocate of allyship and collaborative working as he “embraces outside critique/criticism”. In his leadership, he focuses more on achieving excellence and learning from his mistakes rather than merely avoiding errors.

He has a wealth of publications in both low and high impact factor journals. His doctorate is in Health Service Research - where he explored the recruitment and retention of community nurses across three NHS Trusts (urban, rural and-coastal). Some of his work has been presented at national and international conferences. He has served as a board member of the Nursing Standard, currently a board member for the Journal of General Practice, and an external examiner for Robert Gordon University – Scotland and previously University ofNorthumbria. He is also a reviewer of NIHR grant applications under wound care and community nursing practice.

Based on theMyers-Briggs Type Indicator, he is described as thorough, exacting, systematic, hardworking, and careful with details. He enjoys working within organisations to improve procedures and processes, remaining loyal through both good and badtimes.

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